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F1 WALKABOUT - By Mr Paul Tan ( Alumni student)

On the 20th Sept, the Northlight alumni had organized an outing to catch the F1 grand prix at the Marina Bay Circuit. Though coming from different walks of life after graduating from Northlight School, the members took some time out off the usual routine to catch up with their fellow ex-school mates.

Prior to the actual event, the alumni of 18 met up at their 'home' where they had studied for 4 years. It was a heart warming sight seeing them doing hi fives, fist pumps which we often relate it as good friendship. Such moments was indeed intangible, to see them having chats after chats, finding out how and what are they doing over dinner.

From there, we travelled towards to actual site.Some of them commented to me that they could feel the goosebumps when they heard the deafening roar of the superspeed cars. I could see from their expression, how delightful and excited they were when they tried to snap some photos of the zooming past cars.

This real life experience and exposure would not had been made true without the kind sponsor of Mr Raj and Ms Christine, and also staff from SBI Bank, namely Ms Pearl, Ms Eileen who had helped in the administration. On behalf of Northlight Alumni, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and say a big thank you to everyone involved and Northlight School for giving me this opportunity to organize this event.


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