Principal Message

Dear Alumni members (ex-students),

Welcome to the alumni portal.

I am very happy to join NorthLight School as the new Principal. Although I have not met most of you, I have heard stories from your teachers about some of you who are doing well in ITE or at the workplace. As more NorthLight students graduate from the school, we will be stepping up our efforts to provide more support to you in your further studies in ITE or at work. Your well-being is important and the school would like to see all its graduates doing well in one way or another. We have employed two new staff specially to assist you if you are in need of help to find job or change your current job. They are Ms Helen Sim and Ms Liu Xiao Jun. I would like to encourage you to contact either of them if you need to find a job.

Recently, we organised a bowling event at Marina Square and it was attended by about thirty alumni members. It was an opportunity for the members to meet each other again and for the school staff to reconnect with the ex-students to find out how they are doing. It was a fun occasion and I realised that most of the ex-students from NorthLight can bowl well because they had learned bowling during their Year 4 PE lessons. We will be organising other social and sports events in the future for you to meet up with your old school mates. I encourage you to check this website or join us on Facebook to keep in touch with the latest happenings.

There will always be challenges in our life. At work, in school or at home, we will face difficulties from time to time. NorthLight has prepared you to be strong and steadfast in the face of these challenges and never give up. If we are resilient, we will be able to find solutions to the problems we face. The most important thing is to give our best and put in our best effort in everything we do. I have introduced the theme of “One Family, One Mission, One NorthLight” to rally everyone together and move forward as a family. You will always be a part of the family. We will always be here to lend you support so feel free to contact us if you need any help.

I wish you all the best in everything you do.

Thank you.
Mr.Martin Tan Siew Kin